This rail company responded to a racist passenger perfectly
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No decent person likes racism, yet finding the perfect way to shut them down on social media isn't always easy.

Congratulations are in order then to ScotRail, which managed to find the perfect way to respond to a racist who was trying to make a complaint.

A user named Ali Roberts was attempting to lodge a formal complaint about the seating situation on one of their trains

ScotRail were more than happy to point him in the right direction to register such a complaint, but he soon reverted to racism after he learned the ethnicity of one of their drivers.

Questioning whether having a Pakistani driver was 'safe', the ScotRail account - which was being run by an individual with the initials CM - simply told him that he can like this fact or use his feet as an alternative form of transport.

The original tweet from Roberts has since been deleted, but the ScotRail tweet remains and has since gone viral picking up more than 400 retweets and more than 2,000 likes at the time of writing.

ScotRail has since seen the tweet inundated with praise for standing up against racism - and rightfully so.

Not everyone was convinced that this was good PR for ScotRail, but CM came back with an equally good response.

Meanwhile, it appears that Ali has completely deleted his account out of sheer embarrassment! Another victory over racism. Great job ScotRail.

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