The 'sex island' tourists could be in for a nasty surprise

A 'sex holiday' package taking place on an island off the coast of Colombia is due to start in two weeks, but guests arriving at the resort may be immediately deported after they disembark.

The holiday, for which tickets reportedly cost £1,100 each, has been marketed as a four day session of sex and 'living like a king', taking place 24-27 November.

According to their website,

At Good Girls our goal is to turn your fantasies into reality. Your companion will please you and treat you like a king.

The Mirror quotes a social media post by the company, claiming that,

We will have 60 hot women serving 30 clients; there will be two women for each of them (available) 24 hours a day. The price includes all meals these days.

A promotional video for the holiday includes the caption 'Unlimited sex included'. It was removed from YouTube in October.

The venture is run by The Good Girls Company, which also runs a resort on the island of Cali, called The Good Girls Sex Resort.

On their website, the company claims:

If you want to feel like a king, this is your best option, enjoy the best exclusive trip for three, you and two girls, as your loving girlfriend, the first in services, attention and events.

According to the Sun, the itinerary for the trip states that day one will include a group orgy.

Both The Sun and the Mirror report that a mystery singer 'with multiple number one hits' is also a paying guest on the holiday.

All this may be stopped by Colombian officials, threatening deportations

Officials in Colombia have already voiced their opposition to the trip.

Cartagena's Interim Mayor Sergio Londoño Zurek took to Twitter to condemn the trip, and cast doubt on it going ahead.

Unacceptable that they want to sell us as a sexual destination. That is not the tourism we represent.

The Sun also quoted the country's Interior Minister as suggesting that the official permission required for the party in Cartagena, would not be granted.

This does not respond to policies against sexual offences, sexual abuse, pornography and for that reason we would not give it authorisation.

The Sun and The Mirror report that the guests can also face deportation. A priest local to the mystery island has also allegedly complained to the Pope about the 'obscenities' due to take place.

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