We asked a Psychic to predict five major things that will change in 2024

We asked a Psychic to predict five major things that will change in 2024

Whether you believe in psychic abilities or not, there's no denying there's a certain intrigue that piques the public's interest.

Now, 2023 was a whirlwind – and there were certainly some unpredictable cultural moments thrown our way.

From Jada and Will Smith's shocking bombshell to Kylie Jenner and Timothee Chalamet's budding romance, Gwenyth Paltrow's ski accident, Trump's mugshot becoming a viral hit, Sir Keir Starmer getting glitter bombed and not to mention the most unpredictable of them all: Elon Musk and his tumultuous Twitter changes – or as we now know it, X.

To make things a little less chaotic, Indy100 sat down with Sharon Hamoudi, a psychic who has grown a loyal fan base online and is constantly booked up with hundreds of queries across the world. From the USA to the Caribbean, to locals and footballers, Sharon has opened up her doors and unique gift to many.

One client said she was "blown away" by Sharon's reading. "I said to myself if she mentions certain names, I’m a believer, and Sharon named four of the important ones!"

Another said Sharon had "been very accurate in everything," after waiting months to be seen.

"Each person will always get what I see in front of me, a truth, honest, spiritual reader," Sharon told Indy100. "I’ve been told that people like to come back to me also because I’m very truthful as I see it as it is."

As a child, Sharon recalls having a striking intuition, often predicting people's behaviours and intentions at school. But, it wasn't until she sadly lost her father 34 years ago that other readers picked up on her abilities.

When Sharon started attending local spiritualist churches in hopes of getting a message from her late father, fellow mediums told her that, she too, had psychic powers.

As years went by, Sharon became more interested in tarot reading.

She says that as her ability grew stronger, she was able to hear things and see people when she sat with people. Sharon then started reading people with her sister-in-law Sandra, and people were big fans of what she told them. Her visions became clearer, and she was starting to pick up on details that can sometimes be distressing.

Sharon Hamoudi

Now, thanks to Sharon, she has given us a glimpse into what she believes may happen over the next 12 months:

Government changes

"My first prediction for next year is regarding Rishi Sunak. I say a massive change and I feel this will be for the October time."

Global warming

"Global warming will 100 per cent get worse. I feel people are not listening to what this is about. We’re going to have hotter. Summers people will not want to go abroad because of this and holiday prices will come down."

Parents will have more power with education

"I also feel a big shake-up in education. I feel there’s someone already speaking about this as it’s not changed and 50 years, watch this space with this one.

"I also feel around schools and education that there will be new schools built a new view regarding the schools. I feel the parents will have a lot more involvement as well."

Change in housing costs

"I also feel that there will be some kind of cap on house prices I’m not sure if this is more about a cap on how much a person can make on a house or they’re going to cap the mortgage rate let’s hope that once a mortgage rate."

Cost of living reductions

"We all know that the gas and electricity have been absolutely awful the past couple of years, but I do feel the months ahead. It will slowly come down but it will be after June."

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