Show these three headlines to anyone who says British Muslims don't integrate

Narjas Zatat@Narjas_Zatat
Tuesday 26 April 2016 16:00

Channel 4 recently filmed a controversial documentary called What British Muslims Really Think - it aimed to show Muslim attitudes to living in the UK.

While some of its findings were questioned - including around the gathering of data - the 47-minute documentary did suggest that 86 per cent of Muslims "feel a strong sense of belonging to Britain".

Recent newspaper headlines have suggested the opposite:

The Times (January 2016)

Our prime minister David Cameron suggested a lack of integration within British society has helped “foster extremism.”

The Daily Mail (April 2016)

Labour MP Khalid Mahmood had backed a call from The Daily Mail for young british Muslims to work harder in challenging extremism.

The Sunday Times (April 2016)

Writer Ayaan Hirsi Ali wrote a scathing article which implied that a large portion of Muslim refugees and immigrants were incapable of integration.

There are those who become religious zealots and who use the freedoms of the countries that gave them sanctuary to spread a pre-medieval practice of Islam.

However in less than a month, Muslims have dominated headlines for other reasons...

1. A Muslim just won the PFA player of the year award...

2. A Muslim is now the President of the National Union of Students...

3. And Nadiya Hussain, a Muslim, baked the Queen's birthday cake.

What was that about integration?

HT Salim Kassam

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