Here's what your sleeping position reveals about your relationship


It can be difficult to go from sleeping in your own bed, in your own space, to sharing with someone.

And it turns out the way couples sleep can indicate the kind of relationship they share - according to bed expert Steve Pickering, of Sussex Beds.

In the course of his research, he has identified five different ways couples tend to sleep, and what it says about the state of their relationship.


The classic sleeping position, this is protective: one person - the 'big spoon' - envelops the other 'little spoon' in a hug, from the back.

Separated Spoons

This position is like the original, but with space between the two people. Couples who are further in to their relationship adopt this way of sleeping.

Opposite Sides

In this position, couples are spaced apart on the bed. The space between them implies a disconnection, but this is actually not the case.

Instead, the people in this relationship tend to be "connected and secure in themselves," and independent in their relationship, according to psychologist Corrine Sweet.

The Chase

In this position, one will ‘chase’ their partner across the bed through the night, in an effort to get closer to them. According to Pickering, the person being chased either wants their partner to pursue them, or is playing hard to get.

Chest Pillow

According to research, sleeping on your partner’s chest is usually indicative of a new relationship, and thus ‘passionate’ love. These couples are likely to value skin-on-skin contact over the quality of sleep.

Pickering concludes that just because you don't embrace your partner, as you sleep, doesn't mean you're not close.

Sleeping facing away from each other, but while still touching backs, may look more separated as partners but actually this pose signifies a good relationship; they maintain contact without being on top of each other.

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