Extreme weather is becoming all too familiar these days.

Summer temperatures in ScotlandDroughts during the monsoon season

It all seems indicative of a pretty terrifying shift in the meteorological patterns we’re used to.

Which is why it’s surprising when people still get excited about out-of-season weather as if it’s a novelty and not REALLY FRIGHTENING.

But once again, unexpected snow is falling in Texas, America, for the second time in less than four weeks.

Texas isn’t supposed to receive much snow at all; the snowfall in January 2020 was the first measurable kind since 2017.

During February, Texas has an average temperature of 65°F. That’s 18℃ aka ‘British summer’.

But right now, Texas is chilly. It’s about 35°F (2℃). And it’s been cold enough to see more snow fall in cities like Fort Worth and Denton.

This is not normal; but some are still celebrating the snow online.

People snapped selfies.

Others asked to just be allowed to enjoy the snow in peace (no!).

There were those said that climate change was a price worth paying for a snow day (ok, sure Jan).

And some took the chance to highlight just how changeable the weather was.

Apparently the snow is due to an arctic cold front. But that’s also connected to climate change (of course), say scientists.

Just because it’s snowing, doesn’t mean the planet is heating. In fact, this strange weather is a sign of a swiftly warming earth. It’s connected to jet streams in the Arctic which behave more erratically due to climate change.

Enjoy your snow angels everyone… cause the earth is dying. Wahoo!

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