Stephen Colbert cracked the code on how Donald Trump tweets

Stephen Colbert cracked the code on how Donald Trump tweets

Stephen Colbert may have answered a question that has been on many people mind's since the beginning of the election: how does Trump come up with his tweets?

The Late Night Show host revealed in his latest segment that White House Digital Strategy Director, Dan Scavino, is actually the man who "puts thumbs to screen" on many of Trump's posts. But according to a new report, Trump is very strict with Scavino, especially when it comes to how exactly his infamous tweets are written.

And if you follow Trump on Twitter or see his tweet in the news regularly, you most likely know what's coming next.

Trump reportedly wants Scavino to specify on capitalisation and punctuation. Yes, really.

Impersonating Trump speaking to his aide, Colbert says:

Listen Dan, my tweets are like internet passwords.

You gotta have some random capitalization, at least one special character and don’t forget to rub the screen with my lucky chicken grease.

The political commentator, who regularly mocks Trump on his show, spent the rest of the segment pointing out Trump's narcissism, after the president said he wants to start a new presidential tradition on the Fourth of July.

The full monologue can be found here.

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