The stereotype map of europe

Jakub Marian

The UK is defined, at present, by Brexit - at least according to this map.

An infographic map made by Czech linguist, mathematician, and artist Jakub Marian has pointed out the underlying perceptions of European countries, as suggested by Google's autocomplete function.

Jakub queried Google to investigate what people wanted to find out about a country, using the question:

Why is [country]

He then devised a map of the autocomplete suggestions:

Picture:Picture: Jakub Marian

Many of the suggestions are linked to current news events, such as Brexit or the Syrian Civil War, in Russia's case.

Interestingly Switzerland's result, 'CH', comes from its country code, which is 'Confoederatio Helvetica', Latin for 'Swiss Confederation'.

Others refer to the country's playing colours in sport (Italy and the Netherlands), whereas some simply seem to be a little prejudiced.

Sorry, Belgium.

Mind you, we British can't judge - we're just as bigoted.

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