Stormy Daniels blames conservative opposition to sex education for abortions and STIs


Stormy Daniels, who is currently embroiled in a legal dispute with president Donald Trump relating to an alleged affair, has blasted the state of America’s sex education in a speech to the Oxford Union. Because 2018 wasn’t weird enough already.

The adult film actress—real name Stephanie Clifford— cited a lack of advice as a reason why so many young people fall pregnant accidentally or contract sexually transmitted infections.

She said that people who stand in the way of an “open and well-rounded sex education” are “fuelling the very social problems they say they are trying to prevent”.

Daniels was speaking at an event entitled “Sex, Guns and Other Fluff: How Porn Can Set You Free”.

She continued:

Don't want abortions? Then help prevent unwanted pregnancies by teaching young people about their bodies in an honest, open and shame-free way.

As a matter of fact, open, factual discussion about sex is the best way to prevent a whole bunch of social problems: STDs, assault, sexual dysfunction. Maybe [even] having Donald Trump as president.

I support freedom of religion. But I think there are ways to do it...Maybe just stick to medical facts. Like hey, if you don’t put a condom on you could make a human that you have to feed for a very long time.

The porn star also criticised society for considering sex more controversial than violence.

At a mainstream movie theatre we can watch every other aspect of life including gruesome, violent death, but sex is the one thing too taboo to even talk about?

Children know how their grandfathers were brutally killed in the war, but still think their baby sister was brought by a stork. What the f**k?

Daniels also discussed her attorney Michael Avenatti, who faces domestic violence allegations. She said if the allegations turn out to be true, she will seek alternative representation.

H/T: Newsweek

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