Someone has put a 'Strong and Stable my Arse' song on iTunes


"Strong and Stable" is something that's been uttered a few times by Theresa May and the Tories on the campaign trail.

Some people don't agree that she'd offer "strong and stable" leadership. Opponents have pointed out it's more "weak and wobbly". Comedian Jonathan Pie went on an epic rant against it, while others are comparing it to Mein Kampf. Mrs May has even been trolled by the lead Brexit negotiator over it.

Another person that seems to be against the slogan is singer Madeleina Kay, who goes by Alba White Wolf. She's released a song on iTunes called "Strong and Stable My Arse".

Some of the lyrics include:

Theresa your leadership it's a farce, say it again, strong and stable my arse

Stop repeating and enacting what you've been saying

Actually unable, telling lies and fables

Stop repeating and enact what you've been stating

The song's release comes in the wake of another song criticising the Prime Minster, "Liar Liar Ge2017",reaching the UK's number one last week. Elsewhere, a guerilla campaign from artist Jeremy Deller went viral after "strong and stable my arse" signs appeared across London.

It's not the first time this particular artist has criticised the PM, she also wrote and illustrated a book titled Theresa Maybe in Brexitlandand often shares political art she's created on social media.

Speaking to indy100 Madeleina said she wrote the 'Strong and Stable song' after the General Election was announced, and added the "my arse" when her friend asked her at the vigil outside Downing Street.

It would be fantastic to get into the downloads charts, but I don't have high hopes of emulating the [Liar Liar] success.

 I am just really grateful that somebody has managed to get our Anti-Tory message into the mainstream media. The censorship on the radio is outrageous!

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