Study suggests smokers get an 'extra week off' from cigarette breaks

Study suggests smokers get an 'extra week off' from cigarette breaks
Number of smokers worldwide shrinking, WHO says

Smokers are bagging an extra week off work per year as a result of cigarette breaks, a study reveals.

A staggering 52 per cent of smokers step away from their desks several times a day to smoke or vape, according to Office for National Statistics (ONS).

While 20 minutes a day in the smoking area may not sound like a big deal, it totals almost 40 hours a year – meaning that they're essentially getting an extra six days off.

It comes after one non-smoking worker said that she took it upon herself to take the same breaks as her smoking colleagues.

In a viral TikTok, Syd (@poorandhungry) said she once got in trouble for taking the breaks, but believes she was entitled to them.

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"So basically a person that sat right next to me was a smoker and they were entitled to X number of smoke breaks whatever in the handbook, but as a non-smoker I didn't get any breaks or I couldn't leave early or anything," Syd explained.

She continued: "So every time they went to go take their smoke break I would also go outside and just hand it on my phone until they were done on their smoke break, and then I would just go inside."


Made sense to me! #smokebreak #internship

Her viral clip was flooded with comments from fellow TikTokers.

"When I worked at a pizza hut we called them "air breaks". All breaks are necessary," one person joked, while one boss said they "used to give the non-smokers fruit breaks. Take five mins, go have a little orange."

Meanwhile, a third joked: "I'd bring a pack of cigarettes and not smoke them if corporate were to be petty like that."

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