An SNP adviser made a brilliant correction to this Sun headline

An SNP adviser made a brilliant correction to this Sun headline

Earlier this week Nicola Sturgeon attended a joint ministerial council for the leaders of the UK in the hope that Theresa May would present a coherent plan for Brexit.

Leaders from Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland attended the No 10 meeting, where the prime minister attempted to allay serious concerns about leaving the EU.

Instead, Sturgeon called the talks ‘frustrating’.

She said:

I don't know any more now about the UK Government’s approach to the EU negotiations than I did before I went in to the meeting.

While most major news outlets went with this line, the Sun decided to go with something different on its Twitter account:

The print edition also made a point about Sturgeon's footwear, accompanied with an image and a close-up, in case you missed it...​

Not to worry, Miriam Brett, economic adviser to the Scottish National Party, graciously offered an alternative:

Needless to say, people appreciated it:

And made jokes

While others were just perplexed with the Sun's coverage:


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