YouTube's most infamous wild child Tana Mongeau has called out the media for its sexist and biphobic coverage of her relationships.

In a tweet yesterday she described how when she was dating actor Bella Thorne, press outlets called them "best friends" and invalidated their relationship which they both openly spoke about.

She went on to imply that it's only now that they're dating men that people are referring to them as "exes", seemingly taking the relationship seriously.

Thorne screenshotted the tweet and posted it on her second Instagram account, @thatweirdbitchbella, seemingly seconding Mongeau's frustration.

In a follow-up this morning Mongeau quote-tweeted a now-deleted post by The Daily Mail, which many are speculating linked to an article headlined "Revealed: Bella Throne's ex Tana Mongeau's 'marriage' photo shoot with Jake Paul was just a stunt".

Mongeau was clearly irritated by the headline and even offered to write the articles herself to avoid inaccuracies. Many followers seemed to agree that she would slay it.

People were quick to send her screenshots of other problematic headlines.

While others acknowledged the media's repeated erasure of Mongeau and Thorne's relationship.

Mongeau and Thorne announced they were no longer dating in February, after being in a polyamorous relationship for a year. They were both also in relationships with men during this time.

Shortly after their split, Mongeau announced she was seeing fellow YouTuber Jake Paul, and they are now reportedly engaged.

They are one of the most polarising couples on YouTube, known for their endless controversies and "clout-chasing", which they are so open about no one seems to be able to tell whether their relationship is real or yet another publicity stunt.

Jana-shippers don't seem to care either way and are living for the new relationship and the endless content it's bringing their way, although others, including singer Billie Eilish, seems sceptical.

News of the engagement came just before the launch of Mongeau's MTV reality show Tana Turns 21 which premiered on Wednesday.

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