Teacher in China accused of scalping boy, nine, after pulling his hair as punishment for talking

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File image of an empty classroom

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A teacher in China allegedly pulled a nine-year-old boy’s hair so hard that he was left partially scalped and with internal bleeding.

Medics said the boy’s scalp and skull were separated during the incident. More than 1 litre of blood was drawn out of his brain using syringes in seven separate surgical procedures, news platform reported.

The teacher, surnamed Chang, has reportedly now been arrested by police in Pingdingshan in Henan province.

The alleged incident occurred on March 5 at Xinhua Road Elementary School when Chang found the boy and two of his classmates talking in his class.

The teacher is said to have dragged them from their seats by their hair to the front of the class.

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Two days later, the swelling had spread across the boy’s head. His mother took him to hospital, where doctors identified internal bleeding.

The boy was discharged from hospital following three weeks of treatment but still feels pain in his scalp, especially during haircuts.

“It has left him a shadow in his mind. He is afraid of the teacher [Chang] and fears going to school,” his mother said.

“He [the teacher] said he felt regret and guilt. He hoped we would forgive him. But I can’t forgive him.”

The mother also accused the school of not taking the case seriously at first, telling news site Red Star News that she would sue the school and the teacher.

A vice-headmaster of the school, who is only identified by her surname, Zhang, told “Only the upper-level authorities have the final say of whether the school has responsibility or not.”

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