As the Tories plan to scrap the Human Rights Act, the one chart that will worry campaigners

In 2010 the Conservative Party pledged to scrap the Human Rights Act and replace it with a British bill of rights if they won the election.

They didn't, and for the next five years their coalition partners the Liberal Democrats prevented them from doing so, but human rights reform is now thought to be a priority of the majority Tory government.

Last July, a survey of 2,078 people from YouGov, found that 41 per cent of people backed leaving the European Convention on Human Rights in order to create a British bill of rights instead, with 38 per cent opposed and the remainder unsure.

As this chart, from Statista and based on the same research, shows, regardless of party political affiliation the majority back a British bill of rights if the UK left the ECHR.

But it is the left-hand side of the chart that will worry human rights campaigners, with 64 per cent of Tory voters saying it can be justified to violate someone's human rights.

Last year we reported how a near-majority of Ukip voters meanwhile didn't believe human rights existed... at all.

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