The truth about this incredible photo of Hillary Clinton

The truth about this incredible photo of Hillary Clinton
Picture: Campaign photo/Barbara Kinney

An image of hordes of young people turning their backs on Hillary Clinton to take the perfect selfie went viral this weekend.

Taken on the campaign trail in Orlando, Florida, by the presidential candidate's official photographer Barbara Kinney, the image was shared on social media to mixed reaction:

Some people appeared to suggest it pretty much summed up the youth of today:

Clinton's supporters had been accused of narcissism, and many critics bemoaned the state of youth engagement and politics.

However, it has since emerged the whole thing was set up.

Clinton actually encouraged the students to take a selfie.

An incognito Trump supporter captured the moment on video, where she can be heard saying:

Anyone who wants a selfie turns around right now.

See? Millennials aren’t that narcissistic after all.

You can watch the video, below, with the crucial line coming at 21:39:

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