Theresa May didn't meet the survivors of the Grenfell fire and people are furious

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Following the devastating fire at Grenfell Tower earlier this week, Theresa May visited the scene and spoke with firefighters and the London fire commissioner.

Defence Minister Tobias Ellwood commented that the Prime Minister was unable to meet residents due to security concerns. While Communities Secretary Sajid Javid told Sky News that Mrs May wanted to ensure the emergency services had all the resources they required to deal with the tragedy.

The lack of contact with the victims and survivors of the fire has resulted in widespread criticism of the PM. The former deputy-leader of the Conservatives Michael Portillo saying she failed to show "humanity" while many online have shared their outrage at how she has handled the delicate situation.

Some of those people flocked to reddit.

And they really haven't held back:

Many others vented their frustrations on Twitter:

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