*Beware:Game of Thrones spoilers, including who becomes King are in this article.

Theresa May became the second Tory prime minister in the space of three years to resign, after David Cameron.

In an emotional speech delivered at 10 Downing Street, Theresa May teared up as she revealed she will be resigning on 7 June after three failed attempts to get a Brexit deal through.

She ended the speech by saying that the only way her successor can get ahead is by compromising.

Which hasn’t worked out well thus far.

The maelstrom of British politics has often been compared to the Game of Thrones, because let’s be honest, we might not have White Walkers or Cersei Lannister, but we do have the likes of Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson.

Back in January, Michael Gove warned people about winter, directly referencing GoT: “If we don’t vote for the deal tonight, in the words of Jon Snow, ‘winter is coming’,” he said.

I think if we don’t vote for the deal tonight we will do damage to our democracy by saying to people we are not going to implement a Brexit, and the opportunity that all of us have to live up to our democratic obligations is clear.

With that in mind, here are ways British politics rings close to Game of Thrones:

1. No. 10 Downing Street is the throne nobody can hold

Number 10 Downing Street, much like the Iron Throne, has become somewhat of a slippery eel. First David Cameron resigns, after pushing for a referendum that ended up splitting the country in half. And now, after three embattled years on the throne in the seat, Theresa May has bowed out, too.

Yet despite its recent inability to retain a leader, No. 10, much like the Iron Throne, has many contenders.

Joffrey hadn’t held it for long (Picture: HBO)

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