These are the other atrocities committed by Isis

These are the other atrocities committed by Isis

Islamic State (Isis) militants have released a brutal video purporting to show the murder of American journalist Steven Sotloff.

It came just two weeks after another video showing the killing of James Foley, his fellow journalist and captive. As well as the killings of Sotloff and Foley, those fighting on behalf of Isis are responsible for thousands of deaths and have been accused of perpetrating massacres and atrocities across Iraq and Syria. They include:

Capturing more than 1,000 Yazidi women, with the apparent intent to marry the younger women. Islamic State militants also raped women when they captured the Iraqi city of Mosul.

Source: The Independent/ Channel 4 news

Making Christianity punishable by death in Mosul, and emptying the city of Christians.

Source: The Guardian.

Taking a sledgehammer to the tomb of Jonah.

Source: New York Times

Systematically persecuting Iraq’s minorities, trapping tens of thousands of Yazidis on Mount Sinjar with no food or water.

Source: The Independent

Massacres including those of between 160 and 190 men who were killed in at least two locations in and around Tikrit - the hometown of late Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, as well as 80 Yazidis in a village in northern Iraq.

Source: The Independent, Reuters

Posting numerous pictures of their killings online and fighters standing next to those they have beheaded, including a picture of a seven-year-old boy holding up a man's head and heads impaled on spikes.

Source: Reuters

Uploading pictures of Islamic State militants carrying out a mass execution of Sunni tribesmen in northern Iraq.

Source: Daily Mail

Indoctrinating children and taking them to training camps so they can learn to fight for the Islamic State.

Source: Vice

Displaying crucified corpses on the streets of Syria.

Source: BBC

Killing Lebanese soldiers.

Source: The Independent

Beheading James Foley.

Source: The Independent

Beheading a Kurdish fighter in Iraq.

Source: The Independent

The mass execution of 250 Syrian soldiers.

Source: The Independent

Beheading Steven Sotloff.

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