The last ever box of Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes (or Frosties) made in Canada could end up in a museum.

The pack was bought by history teacher Stephane Gaudette, who after sitting down to eat his breakfast on a Monday morning found a secret message in the box which read:

This is the very last bag of Canadian cereal for the Canadian market from Kellogg’s London, Ontario plant.

The factory was closed in December 2014 after 107 years, with 550 people losing their jobs.

Guadette, who lives more than 500 miles away from London in Timmins, has now been contacted by Amber Lloydlangston, a curator for the Museum of London, about bringing the box back to the city.

The Toronto Star tracked down one of the men behind the note, Mike Cascadden, who had worked for the company for 24 years. The 47-year-old has Kellogg’s in his blood – his father, grandmother and grandfather had also worked for the plant.

He said of the note “the tears were on the outside of the bag”. Kellogg’s gave Cascadden and other workers a year’s notice before they closed the factory, and he has now found a new job.

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