These stats show the majority of us support Jeremy Corbyn's first official policy

Jeremy Corbyn has announced his first official police as leader of the Labour party.

To fast-track a renationalisation of England’s rail network.

The plans are to bring a third of franchises under public ownership by 2025, should Labour be elected in 2020.

The Labour leader told The Independent:

We know there is overwhelming support from the British people for a People’s Railway, better and more efficient services, proper integration and fairer fares.

On this issue, it won’t work to have a nearly-but-not-quite position. Labour will commit to a clear plan for a fully integrated railway in public ownership.

He’s not wrong when he says the proposals are well-supported by the public.

A YouGov poll in May 2014 showed 60 per cent of the public supported it, compared to only 20 per cent who opposed.

The party whose supporters were most in opposition to the policy were the Conservatives - still a direct split of 42 per cent in both support and opposition.

The main reasons the public give for supporting this policy are accountability for services to the taxpayer and lower fares.

It's a safe policy to open with in terms of public opinion - which we're willing to bet won't become a consistent theme of his policy announcements.

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