This joke about the Queen the BBC had to apologise for

Narjas Zatat@Narjas_Zatat
Thursday 30 June 2016 16:00
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There are some places jokes ought not to go.

The latest episode of BBC comedy show Don't Make Me Laugh contained the topic of the Queen’s sex life.

After David Baddiel introduced the topic, called “The Queen must had had sex at least four times” comedian Russell Kane let rip a barrage of jokes about the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh’s sex life.


After receiving over 100 complaints, the BBC Trust ruled that the jokes were “demeaning.” They included jibes about the Queen and Prince Philip's sex life, with Kane saying:

The Queen having had sex at least four times is no laughing matter whatsoever because we're forced to imagine Prince Philip and his work in the creation of those children.

Kane also joked about the Queen having four children, saying:

For me this is just a quadruple representation of why inherited power is so dangerous.

This isn't the first time jokes about the Royal Family were censored. In May Frankie Boyle's joke about the Queen was reportedly cut from Have I got News for You after he said.

Even the Queen seemed to give him a look like, ‘no’. It’s very hard to tell if the Queen is unhappy with you. She hasn’t really cracked a smile since Diana died.

Meanwhile, Australia’s ABC Network were forced to cancel a three-and-a-half hour comic commentary on the wedding in 2011 after Clarence House convened.

Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd told local TV:

My personal view is I really think the BBC needs to lighten up a bit and just get a bit of a sense of humour.

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Well then.

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