This mum went on an incredible rant about modern parenting after a morning out shopping
Picture: Facebook/screengrab

It’s hard being a parent.

The difficulty in raising children is especially acute in 2016, where you’ve got to contend with a whole host of 21st century questions; to breast feed or not to breast feed? Vegan milk bottles? Organic fruits and vegetables?

Blogger and mum, Bunmi Laditan, took to Facebook to air her frustrations about buying vitamins for her children on Sunday.

It was a labour of love.

Laditan lamented the expense…

I own two good bras but I'm ready to spend upwards of $100 on children's vitamins, probiotics (these look like finely pressed cocaine and tastes like nothing but if you don't buy it your child dies), and supplements.

Why do children today need vitamins anyway? She had none, and she turned out fine

Do you know what vitamins I had growing up? NONE. DAYLIGHT WAS MY VITAMIN. Occasionally, once a year tops, my mom would get us those chalky Flinstones vitamins that looked liked kidney stones but we'd only have to eat them for a few days before she lost interest in our health.

And what’s wrong with giving your children juice from concentrate? Or does it have to be fresh-pressed, organic, handled-with-golden-gloves apple juice? Really?

I've seen the way some parents look at me when I give my son a juice box at the park. It's juice, not Red Bull or margarita mix so calm down, Jackie yes I said your name.

When I was a kid I lived on Tampico. That's orange juice for poor people. It's sold by the gallon, is thickened with puréed welfare checks, comes in three colours (government-cheese orange, about-to-start-selling-blood-plasma red, and I-can't-afford-these-kids-shoulda-pulled-out blue).

Her post has been liked over 100,000 times so far, because Facebook parents feel her pain.

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