This new TikTok trend shows the before and after of a girls' night out and it's very relatable

It might be a stereotype but a “girls' night out” usually consists of several core elements.

These are, according to my professional experience, as follows:

  1. Getting ready (most important stage)

  2. Getting drunk 

  3. Getting a taxi 

  4. Getting turnt (least important stage)

  5. Getting a kebab (second most important stage) 

  6. Getting home (yours or someone else’s)

And now a new TikTok trend is proving that across the world, the concept and execution of a “girls' night out” is… pretty damn similar.

Spotted by Vanity Fair writer Joanna Robinson, TikTok users are making before and after videos where they film themselves prior to a night out and then once (most of them) have returned.

Even better, the song that’s being used to soundtrack the videos is a UK special – X Factor contestant Lucy Spraggan’s “Beer Fear”.

Specifically, the lines being cited are “Last night I told you I loved ya/woke up and blamed it on the vodka”. Long live Great Britain!

And Robinson highlighted some of the best girls night out TikToks in a thread, celebrating them for not only being funny, but also… woke!

“One of my fave TikTock [sic] trends is the Before and After night out girl group videos,” she wrote.

Apparently they strike a chord for their “sex positivity, honest beauty [and] awareness of where everyone ended up”.

There’s the one where everyone look signifcantly ruffled.

The one where some fared better than others.

This absolute masterpiece of documentary making.

And the trio who were very honest about where one of their compatriots ended up.

Viva the girls night out, forever and ever. Amen.

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