Tory candidate: our head office is full of (charmless) kids

The Conservative Party’s head office is populated by “charmless kids” who think they “know best” but are undermining the efforts of local Tories to win the election, one of the party’s candidates in a marginal seat has claimed.

In an anonymous diary for the ConservativeHome website, the candidate recounts a visit to Conservative Central Office to discuss resourcing their campaign. Instead of being given extra money or staff, they were told that they should give up on their seat to help to fight another, more winnable constituency miles away.

“Perhaps the charmless kids know best,” the anonymous candidate wrote. “[But] they do speak to me as if I have no idea about anything because I haven’t done ‘time’ in the party.

“It worries me that I have thrown my lot in with a rather ruthless set who are perhaps not focused on promoting compassionate Conservative values, but almost exclusively on grabbing power,” the candidate wrote.

“Is this the Nasty Party that I have heard of but don’t believe really exists?”

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