Veteran CBS news anchor Dan Rather managed to shut down Donald Trump on Twitter on Tuesday by shaming both the heartless question he asked a seven-year-old girl about Santa Claus and the president's continued denial of climate change.

On Christmas Eve, while taking calls from children across the United States, the president asked Collman Lloyd if she still believed in Santa Claus, as he felt that it was 'marginal' that someone her age would still believe that a man in a big red suit that flies from the North Pole every Christmas Eve using reindeer and delivers presents to every child in the world.

For starters, why wouldn't anyone believe in Santa? We're yet to see any evidence of how presents are actually delivered to people every year. And... who was the bloke in the grotto at the shopping centre we queued up to meet a few weeks ago? Because he certainly looked like jolly old Saint Nick...

While Trump might find it ridiculous that someone can still believe in Santa, is it much worse than a 72-year-old man, who is effectively the most powerful person on the planet, turning a blind eye to scientific proof that the planet is in a dire condition and continuously mistaking the weather for climate change?

Well, that's the question that Rather posed to the president on Christmas Day - and we have to say that it's probably one of the single greatest takedowns of Trump that we've ever seen.

Rather's post has already been shared more than 75,000 times on Twitter and it's safe to say that people were enjoying this epic burn.

HT The Hill

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