During his latest rally in New Mexico, president Trump made some pretty strange claims.

Speaking at the rally, Trump insisted that Hispanic voters are big supporters of his beloved border wall. After quoting a poll and saying he’s “up 17 per cent” with Hispanic voters (he didn’t specify which poll, and it seems no such poll exists), the president said:

Hispanic Americans, they understand.

They don’t want criminals coming over the border, they don’t want people taking their jobs, they want to have that security – and they want the wall.

In an apparent turnaround from 2016, He even said:

Nobody loves the Hispanics more.

Given that Trump began his campaign by calling Mexican immigrants “rapists” and that several Southern American people have died in the custody of US border control, but also that Hispanic voters are more likely to vote for Democratic candidates, people were quick to correct the president.

Let’s just say that most Hispanic voters certainly weren’t happy about the president promoting the wall in their name.

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