Trump refused to eat a broccoli samosa on his India trip and people are actually on his side for once


As Donald Trump touched down in Delhi for his first presidential visit to India yesterday (24 February), a storm was waiting for him.

No, we’re not talking about his baffling remarks on Oscar-winning film Parasite or the recent news that his golfing hobby costs the US taxpayer the equivalent of 334 years of the presidential salary.

This is much more of a scandal: a corn and broccoli samosa on his planned Indian menu… with no potato?!

Deepal Trivedi, editor of the Ahmedabad Mirror, tweeted a picture of the menu with the offending item and slammed the samosa as a “miserable snack”.

The unusual menu addition shocked many, who asked why the classic samosa (which is most commonly filled with potato and combinations of spices) wasn’t included on the all-vegetarian menu.

Especially because Donald Trump isn’t super keen on eating vegetables in the first place (a source close to him remarked: "I have never seen him eat a vegetable") so why not just stick to a crowd favourite recipe?

People on social media began dragging the unconventional corn and broccoli samosa:

But some people rushed to the samosa’s defence:

Then cooking guru Padma Lakshmi had a scalding hot take on samosagate:

It is with a heavy heart that we confirm Donald Trump and the First Lady Melania did not try the corn and broccoli samosas.

Kartikeya Sarabhai is a trustee of Sabarmati Ashram - the place where the menu was served - and confirmed to India Today:

Some food items were arranged for the members of the visiting delegation, but neither the US President nor the First Lady had anything during their visit to the Ashram. We saw the list of food items which might have been arranged for the officials who were part of the visiting delegation. But none of the dignitaries ate them.

Justice for the corn and broccoli samosa, tbh.

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