Fox News display poll that shows Trump is a greater threat to world peace than Iran's supreme leader

Greg Evans
Tuesday 07 January 2020 12:30
Picture:(Cristobal Herrera/ EPA/ Twitter)

Donald Trump's 2020 has gotten off to a hell of a start as he appears to be leading the United States into a potential war with Iran.

But at least he has the backing of his supporters, right?

While his devoted fans haven't been complaining too much about the assassination of Iranian military general Qassem Soleimani, some in the media have raised an eyebrow or two.

When we say media we aren't talking about the likes of CNN or any other "fake news" outlets that Trump likes to attack.

No, it's his favourite network, Fox News which have been questioning Trump's recent actions.

Firstly, there was Tucker Carlson, a usual supporter of the president, who has been highly critical of the airstrike on Iran, claiming Republicans are ignoring the "decline in our own country to jump into a quagmire for which there is no obvious exit."

Fox News wasn't done there as on Monday they displayed a YouGov poll published by the German website DW on December 26 which found that 41 per cent of people believed that Trump was a bigger threat to world peace than North Korea's Kim Jong Un, China's Xi Jinping, Iran Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and Russia's Vladimir Putin.

While Fox News would have only been reporting on the poll it's still curious that they would show a poll that is so critical and damming of the president that they are so loyal to.

Regardless people couldn't quite believe that they were seeing this on, of all places, Fox News.

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