Trump’s lawyer ridiculed for posting fake Roosevelt quote that was meant to ‘own the libs’
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With all the disinformation on the internet, it’s probably wise to fact-check what you post – especially if you’re in the public eye.

But it seems Trump’s senior legal adviser Jenna Ellis didn’t get the memo.

On Tuesday, Ellis, who’s been an active part of the legal team attempting to claw back Trump’s massive election loss, posted a graphic on Twitter that made it appear as though it was a quote from former US President Theodore Roosevelt.

The quote takes aim at liberals and frames conservatives as ‘truth-tellers’. However, sharp-eyed Twitter users were quick to note that, in fact, Roosevelt never said it.

Despite repeatedly being told the quote was fake, Ellis kept the incorrect post up, writing:

“For people asking, this quotation has been attributed to Roosevelt, but there isn’t a specific record of him saying this in a speech. I posted it because the ifea [sic] itself is true, whether or not he said it! :)”

The irony wasn't lost on people that based on the quote, Ellis, as a conservative, should be all about the facts, yet chose to keep the post up knowing it was fake. She’s since been accused of using the quote to try and “own the libs.” 

Others inferred that her careless tweet is just a continuation of the Trump administration’s tactic of lying to fit its own narrative.

“This is not the insult you think it is. Conservatives rely on lies or disingenuous statements without researching the issue to rile up their base, while Liberals are angered by things that are actually happening. The fact that Teddy Roosevelt never said this is a perfect example,” wrote Twitter user @stereofiasco.

@EricHaftelLive also tweeted: “Never once did this man utter these words. It has been proven time & time again that the Trump camp will simply make up the truth to fit their story.”

Others went for a more petty (read: entertaining) response, proceeding to post memes that attributed wildly inaccurate quotes to other historical figures and even Ellis herself.

@thesailesh9 also clapped back, tweeting: “Putting a quote next to a famous dead guy doesn’t make it smart” -George Washington

Historian Kevin M Kruse posted a similarly false graphic of Ronald Reagen along with the quote: “Jenna Ellis is an idiot.”

Maybe next time Ellis will think before she tweets.

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