Trump brands Kentucky Derby-winning horse Medina Spirit ‘a junky’ in bizarre outburst

Trump brands Kentucky Derby-winning horse Medina Spirit ‘a junky’ in bizarre outburst

Donald Trump is known for venting his feelings via impassioned – and often eye-brow raising – outbursts, but he’s tended to direct them at people, not animals.

That was until the four-legged winner of the Kentucky Derby failed a post-race drug test.

The former US president responded to doping allegations against the horse by penning a bizarre rant on his new blog From the desk of Donald J. Trump.

“So now even our Kentucky Derby winner, Medina Spirit, is a junky,” he wrote.

“This is emblematic of what is happening to our Country.”

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His post continued with reference to his favourite fabrication: that the 2020 election – which he lost to Joe Biden – had been rigged.

“The whole world is laughing at us as we go to hell on our Borders, our fake Presidential Election, and everywhere else!” he said.

A screenshot of the unhinged entry made its way on Twitter, where people were left, understandably, dumbstruck.

In disbelief, one Twitter user simply said: “Is this real.” Another joked: “And does he think Joe Biden is his dealer?”

Another wrote: “I think he’s saying that things have gotten so bad that even horses are using performance-enhancing drugs. So we need to close the border. Not that that makes a lick of sense either.”

The Kentuck Derby horse race is part of a two-week long festival that’s held annually in Louisville.

On Sunday, trainer Bob Baffert revealed that this year’s winner Medina Spirit had undergone a drug test, and was found to be above the legal limit for the anti-inflammatory drug betamethasone.

Baffert described the revelation as “shocking” because Medina Spirit has “never been treated with betamethasone,” the New York Post reports.

“Yesterday I got the biggest gut-punch in racing for something I didn’t do,” he told local reporters.

“It’s disturbing. It’s an injustice to the horse.”

Baffert was suspended from Churchill Downs racetrack, but so far Medina Spirit has not been disqualified from competing in the second leg of the Triple Crown championship next weekend.

We’re sure Trump will be keeping an eagle-eye out for updates...

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