Trump’s new blog is already a massive failure

Trump’s new blog is already a massive failure
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Since his rapid removal from most social media sites following his rhetoric around the Capitol Hill riots, former President Donald Trump resorted to a Tumblr-style blog to share his thoughts.

Launched last Tuesday, the blog “From The Desk of Donald Trump” gives people the opportunity to read what the former commander-in-chief has to say. People can also sign up for alerts delivered right to your email to keep up with the latest updates on conspiracy theories, political rivals, and much more. 

It would have been fair to assume his supporters would be interested to see what he would talk about next.

But according to NBC, that is not the case.

Trump’s new blog has a significantly smaller audience than his previous social media accounts, such as Twitter (88 million followers), Instagram (24 million followers) and Facebook (32 million followers), and YouTube (3 million subscribers).

The outlet reports that BuzzSumo, a social media-based analytics company, put together some engagement data for the website. They also state that the data provides a glimpse into the idea that although Trump is politically influential, his internet presence is still dependent on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

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Furthermore, the top blog post on the website was the Facebook Oversight Board deciding to continue Trump’s Facebook ban. It only received 16,000 engagements.

Due to the low numbers, it begs the question of whether or not people are sharing Trump’s posts to other platforms. NBC further states that it’s “not likely,” but many people today will take screenshots of posts and post those photos online. That option is also said to not be that popular with Trump blog posts as they only get a “few thousand shares,” according to image research used on CrowdTangle. 

Last week, a Twitter page with more than 2,100 followers was permanently suspended off the platform for sharing Trump’s blog posts, although the page did write: “Not Donald Trump Tweeting” in their biography.

Trump being removed the majority of the social media platforms has caused a bunch of political backlashes, mainly from conservative politicians arguing that this ban is a way for the media to censor conservative ideas

It seems as if deplatforming Trump or anyone that has had a platform that was a bit negative is quite effective in minimizing the amount of hate speech, violence, and forms of bullying online. It also seems as if it reduces the chances for the influencer to gain a similar audience on a different platform.

Overall, this isn’t the first time that Trump utilized blogging to vent his feelings, sort of.

Trump had a blog in the mid-2000s, as evidenced on The Internet Archive Wayback Machine. It was a part of his now non-existent for-profit entrepreneur school, Trump University, and supposedly was written by a ghostwriter.

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