12 moments that prove Trump and Obama couldn’t be more different

12 moments that prove Trump and Obama couldn’t be more different
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Never have two people, who have done the same job, been considered more polar opposites than Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

Despite both men being the last two presidents of the United States, you could be fooled into thinking that both men came from completely different eras and possibly even different realities.

The glaring differences between the two are obvious but if you cut deeper, their fundamental mannerism, approach to their job and interactions with other people couldn't be more contrasting.

It's no secret that the two men don't like each other but Trump's recent 'Obamagate' rhetoric has ramped up the bitterness between the two even more, so much so that won't be a portrait of the Obama's in the White House until after Trump leaves office.

This has got us thinking about the differences in personality and characteristics between the pair and you won't be shocked to learn that there are a multitude but here are some of the most alarming.

1. How they react to rain

This might seem like an unusual one to start off with but you can tell a lot about someone when the heaven's open up.

Whereas Donald Trump opted to use an umbrella in a light shower (when no one else around him had an umbrella), Obama went it alone in a much heavier downpour.

2. The National Prayer Breakfast

Since 1953 it has been a tradition for the sitting president to speak at the National Prayer Breakfast, a non-partisan event in which significant individuals in the US meet and pray together.

Throughout his presidency, Obama handled the event with grace and decorum. In comparison, Trump has used the event to moan about being impeached and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Here is a clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live that demonstrates just that:

3. A 9/11 anniversary

2019 marked the 18 anniversary of the catastrophic terrorist attacks that took place in the US on 11 September 2001. There are almost no words left to be said about that dark day in history but somehow Obama managed to find eloquence and paid tribute to the emergency services, many of whom lost their lives during the attack on the World Trade Centre.

In contrast, Trump started the day with a classy graphic of himself and Melania but soon retorted to moaning about the federal reserve who he called 'boneheads.'

4. How sports crowds treat them

An outing to a sporting contest can be hit and miss for any public figure, especially a president. There is presumably a hope that no one will see them and they will just be treated like any other face in the crowd but that isn't always the case, especially with television cameras around.

If they do happen to be spotted one of two things might happen. They will either be ridiculed and basically booed out of the stadium or they will be greeted with a deafening cheer. We won't bore you with the details on which of the two presidents we're discussing today received these reactions.

That being said Trump did receive a warm reception when he attended a NASCAR race in February so he should probably stick to more southern US sports in the future.

5. How they treat children at Halloween

You don't need us to tell you how big a deal Halloween is in the United States. Despite the spooky nature its a perfect time for adults and children alike to dress up and have fun.

Every Halloween the White House holds an event for children to go trick and treating with the president, or at least that's what they did with Obama, who clearly recognised the importance of the day and the need to make the kids feel relaxed and spread the joy. Trump did not do the same and instead spoke to kids dressed as witches and superheroes about 'the media.'

6. How they spend Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time for all Americans to reflect on what they have and be thankful to others and maybe give something back to those less fortunate than them.

Back on Thanksgiving 2018, Obama surprised people at the Greater Chicago Food Depository by volunteering his services to help prepare meals for the hungry and homeless.

On exactly the same day, Trump jetted off to spend the holiday with his family at his luxury Mar-A-Lago resort in Florida. We'll let you draw your own conclusions on this one...

7. Their stance on LGBT+ rights

Trump's approach to the LGBT+ community is confusing at best. Although he has lent a voice of support to the community he has also actively moved to suppress their rights, such as banning all trans people from entering the US military, a curious decision which Piers Morgan quizzed him on in June 2019, which is Pride month.

Just a day before that interview, Obama showed the simplest form of support for the community by retweeting a message from a bisexual Sikh man and complimenting him on his fetching Pride-themed turban.

8. How they respected John McCain

The respected Republican senator John McCain after a long battle with cancer. McCain was the Republican candidate when Obama won the 2008 election and although that campaign was littered with the kind of bitterness that descends over nearly every presidential campaign the two men, despite their differences, grew to respect one another. So much so, that Obama was invited to speak at McCain's funeral delivering a glowing eulogy to his former opponent.

Trump's relationship with McCain was noticeably different. The two men didn't see eye to eye on many issues, with Trump continuously questioning if McCain should be considered a 'war hero' because he was captured during the Vietnam conflict.

Trump's attacks on McCain have gone on long after the latter's death to the extent that his daughter, Meghan had to step in and defend her father.

Disrespecting the dead? Yeah, real presidential behaviour.

9. How they signed a Holocaust memorial book

At the exit of the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial in Jerusalem, visitors are greeted with a powerful memorium to those that lost their lives during the genocide. Visitors are then welcomed to sign a guest book to express their feelings and sorrow about what they have just witnessed.

Both Obama and Trump have visited the landmark and signed said book but the difference of expressions couldn't have been greater.

10. How they treat their wives

We all know that Barack and Michelle Obama have a strong relationship built on trust and love. Donald and Melania Trump's relationship is a bit more ambiguous with the current first lady often looking miserable, with even the White House doing the bare minimum to recognise her existence.

Just to prove that Melania isn't always sad, just look at how much she enjoyed being in Obama's company at the funeral of Barbara Bush in April 2018.

11. How they deal with hecklers

Being a major political figure in the United States and getting heckled comes with the job but there are diplomatic ways of dealing with anyone, no matter what they are saying.

Take for instance this moment from November 2016, just before the election, where an Obama speech was interrupted by an elderly Trump supporter. Rather than ridicule the man he told the crowd to show respect and to use their voices to vote rather than mock others.

In comparison, here is Trump talking in August 2019, where he laughed at the weight of a protestor, who actually turned out to be one of his supporters.

12. How they use Twitter

There really isn't much need to go into too much detail here. We'll just leave you these two tweets.

We really could go on listing points forever... but at this stage, is anyone surprised?

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