That viral video of Trump being snubbed by Poland's first lady is actually two-years-old

A video of President Donald Trump being widely shared on social media which shoes the commander-in-chief being snubbed by the Polish First Lady is, in fact, two years old.

The footage, which went viral over the weekend during the G7 summit, sees Trump offer his hand to Agata Kornhauser-Duda but she ignores him completely and makes a beeline for Melania. The look on the President’s face tells its own story.

The video might be a couple of years old but was still lapped up by social media users who found the footage both hilarious and telling of the opinions held about the president.

It is worth noting that it is common in Poland for women to be greeted first but whether or not Trump was aware of this isn't clear. In the extended version of the clip the first lady then acknowledges Trump and offers her hand.

Naturally, some of those on the internet were displeased, pointing out the additional footage that follows the cut

Others, however, felt the video said something significant about the President.

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