When is a ban not a ban?

When it involves a giant loophole. Like Donald Trump’s latest supposed concession towards ending police brutality.

While cities like Louisville, Minnesota and Los Angeles begin grappling with disbanding or reforming their police forces, the president has instead signed an executive order deemed “woeful” by critics.

Trump announced the executive order in a “pro-police” speech that didn’t mention racism.

The main takeaways of the new legislation are increased federal grants for police, supposedly to go towards training.

The order also places a ban on chokeholds… unless an officer’s life is in danger.

This isn’t new; the mandate apparently already exists in major police departments across America but is “difficult to enforce”.

Why? Because of a major loophole in the legislation.

Officers can always say they believed their life was in danger; many who kill while on duty resort to that justification already.

And by the time the victim is dead, it’s too late.

People quickly pointed out that this wasn’t a ban at all.

There were analogies to demonstrate how futile Trump’s legislation was.

It was also highlighted that police officers don’t always have the soundest judgement.

Ultimately, the past suggests that this legislation may be utterly useless.

So of course Trump is bragging about it.

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