Donald Trump has postponed a scheduled rally in Portsmouth, North Hampshire on Saturday evening, with White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany citing a “big storm” as the reason.

This is despite the weather forecast predicting it would only be “mostly cloudy” and 24C (75.2F) at 8pm – the time the rally was supposed to take place.

Trump tweeted on Friday:

The rally was due to be held in an open-air airport hangar in a bid to reportedly reduce coronavirus anxiety.

While it’s certainly true the storm has been raging across the area overnight, it’s forecasted to die down around 2pm on Saturday afternoon.

And people had a lot of thoughts:

But many people pointed out the cancellation came about after ongoing concerns Trump has only been attracting small crowds at his rallies.

(Who could forget the Tulsa rally last month that only attracted 6,200 people, despite the stadium having a capacity of 19,000 people?)

Many people also joked about Trump after he was previously accused of changing the trajectory of Hurricane Dorian when he claimed Alabama would be hit by it (it wasn’t):

The rally has been postponed by a week or two, according to McEnany.

So we’ll see what the turn out is then...

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