People are accusing Trump of stoking a 'race war' after he shared violent videos of Black men

(L) Getty (R) Screenshot / Twitter

Donald Trump has been accused of flaming the fires of racial tensions after sharing a series of videos of Black men being violent.

The POTUS took to Twitter on Monday evening to share a video of a Black man pushing a white woman into the side of a train:

And then another one of a Black man continuously punching a white retail worker in the head:

The latter video went viral last week after a Black man – whose identity is unknown – asked a retail worker if a shirt looked like it would be too tight on him.

The employee confirmed that it would probably be too small, but then allegedly said on the phone “No one, just some n****r.” That’s when the man started attacking the employee.

Since the incident, Macy’s claimed the attack was “unprovoked” and an investigation is ongoing, according to the NY Post.

But almost immediately after Trump shared the videos to Twitter, people called him out for trying to “incite hatred toward Black people”:

How is this man in charge of an entire country...

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