Last weekend, Donald Trump's maligned Space Force was royally mocked on Twitter after they posted a picture of their uniforms which will be camouflage.

Now, you don't need us to point out that in space, camouflage won't be much good to anybody unless that camouflage is comprised of images of stars and galaxies.

We're sure that it's a comfortable fit for those brave souls that are going to be fighting the battles on the edge of our solar system but surely something like an astronaut's outfit would be more beneficial.

Anyway, they have finally explained just what is going on with their uniform but chose to do so by replying to someone who was mocking them on Twitter.

Author and comedy writer James Felton replied to the original Space Force tweet, jokingly asking them "how many trees are you expecting to find in space".

It's unusual for a major government account to engage with anybody commenting on their Tweets but the Space Force obviously felt they had to set the record straight as they were being roasted from this side of the galaxy to the next.

They wrote:

As we've stated: we're not deploying operators to space. Only our assets like SBIRS, GPS, AEHF, etc. are in space.

We're currently utilising the existing Army/Air Force OCP uniform pattern as we assign/transition USAF personnel to Space Force.

They then finished off the Tweet with a Tony Stark GIF, you know, like government Twitter accounts do.

So, that's that then and the story ends there.

Well, no, not really. The US Space Command account, which could be run by the same Twitter admin, replied to their explanation with a GIF from The US Office.

Felton, perhaps not entirely believing the tweet continued to mock the Space Force who he claimed are off to 'fight trees in space.'

In fairness to the Space Force they did explain this when they first revealed the uniform but it's funnier that they felt they had to reiterate this by replying to a joke.

After all that, the biggest take away from this should be that the Space Force won't even be in space! Where do you even begin to start...

HT The Poke

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