Trump says he doesn't know where the rumour he started about selling the NHS came from

Trump says he doesn't know where the rumour he started about selling the NHS came from

Donald Trump's latest visit to the United Kingdom has already proved to be eventful, thanks mostly to what he said during a lengthy press conference on Tuesday morning.

Sitting alongside Nato's secretary general, Jens Stoltenberg, the president spoke to the press for nearly an hour and covered all sorts of subjects, including his thoughts on the general election and the Prince Andrew scandal.

One of the biggest talking points were the claims that the Tories have been planning to sell the NHS to the US as part of a trade deal once Brexit has been completed.

Trump was asked if the National Health Service should be on the table during trade talks to which he denied and attempted to play down the rumours.

No, I have nothing to do with it, never even thought about it. We are going to have a great health care system, we've got things running really well. 

If we get elected and we take the house, keep the Senate and keep the White House we will have phenomenal health care.

We have 180 million people on private plans that they absolutely love but in this country they have to work it out for themselves.

I don't even know where that rumour started. We have absolutely nothing to do with it and we wouldn't want to even if you handed it to us on a silver platter.

We want nothing to do with it.

That statement will be good news to the Tories who have been trying to bat away claims from Labour and other parties that there are documents showing that talks about the sale of the NHS to the United States have taken place,

However, Trump's that he doesn't know where the rumour started is a little contentious.

You see, back in June of this year Donald Trump literally said that the NHS would be 'on the table' in a post-Brexit trade deal.

At the time, he told the press:

Look, I think everything with a trade deal is on the table. When you're dealing in trade everything is on the table.

So NHS or anything else, a lot more than that, but everything will be on the table, absolutely.

So, you see Donald, it was you who started the rumour six months ago but it's not like you to have a great memory or anything, is it?​

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