This might be the most powerful picture from the general election campaign so far

It’s been less than a month since Boris Johnson announced the general election and there are plenty of memorable images that spring to mind.

Such as the photos of the PM squatting next to a half-shaved sheep armed with shears and a determined grimace.

Or Jo Swinson jumping into a ring donning a “girly swot” T-shirt and yellow boxing gloves.

Or maybe Jeremy Corbyn sat looking tetchy as Andrew Neil tries to draw from him an apology over antisemitism within his party.

But the image of doctors and nurses handing out transcripts of discussions held as part of trade talks that could eventually determine the future of our NHS​ is a strong contender for the most powerful.

The images came from a press conference in which Jeremy Corbyn revealed previously redacted files that he claimed were proof that the NHS was on the table in trade talks with the US.

The memos reveal that the US is pushing for a deal in which all services would be opened up to US companies unless they are on a list of specific exemptions. But they also showed the US believes nothing should be exempt without "a very good reason".

Fuelling existing worries about the impact of the UK "crashing out" of the EU, Trump administration officials are shown to say a no-deal Brexit would leave "all to play for".

For many, having this message delivered by those on the front lines really hit home.

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