Trump mocked after holding another rally where barely anyone showed up

Trump mocked after holding another rally where barely anyone showed up

Donald Trump arrived in Tampa, Florida on Friday where he is participating in a private fundraising event and somehow managed to hold a mini-rally on a runway.

The president wasted little time in Florida and launched into an impromptu set on the tarmac which reportedly lasted for 30 minutes. According to the Tampa Bay Times, Trump warned supporters of what will happen should Joe Biden win November's election, which has dominated his rhetoric in recent weeks.

Trump's team were clearly expecting a big turn out for president otherwise he wouldn't have given a speech and there wouldn't have been the number of security barriers put in place, because only a dozen or so supporters actually showed up to see Air Force One touchdown in the Sunshine State, as these pictures show.

The supporters, some of whom were said to be wearing face masks were told to social distance, which was fairly easy given the lack of people that were in attendance.

Interestingly, the video that Trump shared on social media of his speech did feature a wide shot and only included the crowd that was stood immediately in front of the president.

It has been suggested that the temperatures in Tampa on Friday, which were in the mid-90s could have deterred some Trump fans from showing up, as reported by the Daily Kos.

Small crowd sizes have become something of a trend for the president in recent weeks. His controversial rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma at the end of June was said to have attracted little more than 6,000 people which some attributed to the campaign being pranked by teenagers on TikTok who managed to obtain tickets with no intention of showing up.

Trump has been campaigning relentlessly in Florida, a state which he won four years ago but is now trailing Biden in the polls both for the state and nationwide.

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