Fox News host Tucker Carlson blames immigrants for making homelessness worse

Fox News host Tucker Carlson blames immigrants for making homelessness worse

A Fox News journalist blamed immigrants and "new arrivals" for making the homelessness situation in Los Angeles worse.

In a segment on Tucker Carlson Live, the host was discussing the homelessness epidemic in California, condemning its Democratic governor Gavin Newsom for failing to address the rising house prices and the striking poverty in the state.

Accompanied by footage of homeless camps set up on several main streets in Los Angeles, Carlson said:

Los Angeles is supposedly one of the richest cities in the world and in some ways it is but the video you’re watching shows something else.

This is how the poor spent Easter Sunday in California. They weren’t clustered along a single road either, it wasn’t just like skid row, it was like many skid rows.

We drove down three completely different blocks and the encampments just continued. It’s America’s second-largest city.

The Fox News host explains how these tent cities are only a few blocks away from LA's biggest tourist destinations, noting that apartments are leased in that area for as much as $3,500 a month. He then links this to immigration, saying:

You might be wondering, with so many people priced out of local housing — people are literally living in RVs, miles of RVs parked along the streets, and as you’re watching here, in tents — why wouldn’t local leaders want to stop the flow of new arrivals to get prices under control and opening up new housing. They’re doing the opposite

LA’s a sanctuary city in a sanctuary state. Every politician there with any ambition will denounce our border as an atrocity and immigration enforcement as an abomination.

This is not the first time Carlson has made inflammatory or racist comments. His weeknight show, which has been focusing a lot more on immigration in recent years, was boycotted by several advertisement companies . Since December last year, 34 have pulled out over other controversial comments the host has made.

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