Fox and Friends graphic claims that Trump is cutting aid to '3 Mexican countries'

Fox and Friends graphic claims that Trump is cutting aid to '3 Mexican countries'

We know that Fox News is Donald Trump's favourite channel but it is becoming increasingly obvious that both he and the network share an equal level of intelligence.

The opening segment on today's edition of Fox and Friends saw the show cover Trump's calls to completely close the US border with Mexico to prevent any more migrants from entering the country.

This is the usual anti-migrant rhetoric that we are used to now by Trump and it was followed up with a statement from the State Department who announced on Saturday that the US will no longer be providing assistance to three countries in Latin America those being El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, which are collectively known as the Northern Triangle.

As you can imagine Fox was delighted about this but rather than offer any sort of accurate reporting on the story (heaven forbid) their graphics department reported that Trump would be cutting aid to '3 Mexican countries.' Yes, that's right. Not three Latin American countries but '3 Mexican countries.'

That isn't a piece of Photoshop or some clever editing. It's something that Fox actually broadcast.

God help anyone who watches this show.

As you can imagine, it soon went viral and people couldn't help but make jokes and also point out how careless this type of reporting is.

Someone obviously alerted Fox to this error and they later broadcast an apology but as we all know, once something is on the internet it never goes away!

HT The Hill

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