New Ukip leader lists 'Nazi Germany' as one of his 'interests' and claims he can speak 'American'

New Ukip leader lists 'Nazi Germany' as one of his 'interests' and claims he can speak 'American'

The dwindling Ukip party’s new leader has claimed Westminster should be "shaking in their boots" after claiming his party is "back in business".

In a speech on Monday made in front of Winston Churchill’s statue in Parliament Square — which had recently been “defended” by far right protesters — Freddy Vachha vowed to revive the anti-European Union party.

In case you’ve lost count, Vachha is the seventh person to lead the part since Nigel Farage stood down following the 2016 referendum result (tenth including interim leaders).

Freddy Vachha said he had "the passion, the drive, the conviction” to lead Ukip and he did not care if people criticised him.

He said the party had gone “astray,” and focused on things that were “just wrong” but he warned the “blaggards in Westminster to watch out”.

Most intriguing and bizarre though by Vachha’s weirdly exhaustive CV. In his "brief" curriculum vitae Vachha described his politics as "common sense Ukip libertarian", declared that he’d only smoked two cigarettes in his life, and scored 175+ in an IQ test taken in 1975.

As well as being interested in computer programming, breeding koi fish, restoring cameras, growing chillies, and performing magic tricks, Vachha also has ‘Nazi Germany’ and the ‘Belgian Congo Holocaust’ listed as his hobbies.

He also claims to speak “American” as a language, along with Urdu, Gujarati and French.

Vachha seemed to distance himself from the party direction fostered by previous leader Gerard Batten.

“We return to our libertarian freedom-loving principles. And under my leadership, that is what we will get.”

Alrighty then.

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