These are the subtle red flags of an unhealthy relationship


Knowing when to end a relationship is never easy, especially when only you can make the ultimate decision.

Luckily, Reddit users have decided to share their advice and highlight some of the signs that it's time to get out of there:

The effort required to keep the relationship going is greater than the satisfaction of the relationship.


Despite the common wisdom, relationships should not take that much effort.

- HarkonnenFeydRautha

One user has a simple test:

Simple: Lets say your gf/bf wants you to go to football game with them because they want to do this with you and it means a lot to them.

Now, You hate football and that activity is total 5-6 hours on Saturday.

Now, if you feel that 6 hours of activity with your loved one is worth it even if you are not into said activity then you are doing fine but if the answer is a no then your relationship is in trouble


When you stop making each other laugh.


When you stop saying a simple "thank you" to one another for basic thoughtful things, and instead take each other for granted.


When the period where you wonder if it's time to leave has become longer than the period when you were happy to stay, it's time to say goodbye.

Constant posts to social media about how amazing your relationship and life are.


And a helpful tip from a waitress:

I'm a waitress. Usually when he orders for her, or he gets a giant meal and she eats nothing I get suspicious.

If talking about your own relationship, watch for subtle signs of control. Sometimes they're not just taking interest in what you're up to.


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