These two words from the VP debate are reminding people how badly women are treated at work

Joshua Zitser
Thursday 08 October 2020 10:30
(Getty Images)

While there wasn’t as much interruption as at the first presidential debate, the VP debate reminded people how frequently women are talked over at work.

Kamala Harris was consistently interrupted by Mike Pence during her designated speaking time. According to NBC data, he interrupted her 16 times.

Each candidate was given two minutes to respond to questions, as agreed upon by both parties before the debate in Salt Lake City, Utah. But on six occasions, Harris had to rebuke Pence for eating into her time.

She repeatedly said: “I’m speaking.”

Many people think these two words symbolise what women have to go through at work.

Someone even called it "nauseating".

One tweet, asking women to retweet it if they'd ever had to say Harris's phrase now has over 8,000 shares.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez agreed that Mike Pence's debate performance was symbolic of how women are treated in the workplace.

Despite giving strong answers throughout, “I’m speaking” might just be Kamala Harris’s most relatable words in the whole debate.