Wedding celebrant accidentally shoots grandson while trying to get guests' attention

Wedding celebrant accidentally shoots grandson while trying to get guests' attention
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A grandfather was just moments away from officiating a wedding when he managed to shoot and injure his young grandson after wanting to get the attention of guests.

Michael Gardner, 62, from Odessa, Texas let off his Pietta 1860 snub nose revolver around 5 p.m. and accidentally struck his 12-year-old grandson in the shoulder at Hillside Events in Denton, Nebraska.

These details were revealed at a press conference on Monday by Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office chief deputy Ben Houchin.

Wedding proceedings had been running late as someone forgot the wedding rings and guests waiting all around the venue when Gardner decided to get their attention by firing the blank round.

Houchin further explained that the blank round had black powder in the casing that was glued together.

Gardner was charged after the 62-year-old accidentally shot his grandson.Lancaster County Department of Corrections

“When he decided to cock back the hammer of this revolver it slipped and it shot his grandson in the left shoulder, causing an injury," he said.

“What we believe is the glue injured the child.”

Although the youngster's injury was not life-threatening, he still needed hospital treatment.

Meanwhile, Gardner's carelessness and the injury caused to his grandson resulted in him being handed a child abuse charge and on Monday he surrendered to the police.

“We do not believe Michael intended to hurt his grandchild, but the act was not very smart," Houchin noted.

He concluded: "It’s just kind of neglectful to take a gun out that has blanks and fire it amongst people."

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