What the British Social Attitudes Report can tell us about Ukip supporters, in 17 charts

Matthew Champion@matthewchampion
Thursday 26 March 2015 09:00

The annual British Social Attitudes Report has today been published.

NatCen, the country's largest independent social research agency, interviewed 2,878 people in England, Scotland and Wales between August and October last year.

Among many other things, the research provides the first detailed picture of the views held by Ukip supporters, with eight per cent of all respondents saying they backed Nigel Farage's party.

As the report's authors note:

Apart from being strongly anti-European and inclined towards tougher attitudes to immigrants, there is also a deep vein of social conservatism and distrust of government [among Ukip supporters].

Certainly none of these findings suggest that there is any inaccuracy involved in characterising Ukip as a party of the ‘radical right’.

Here's what we learned:

Crime, punishment and social order

Trust in the establishment

Social mobility and employment

Politics and the media

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