What we think are the biggest threats to Britain's future, broken down by political party support

A survey of British adults has shown that 79 per cent feel Isis is the biggest threat to Britain’s future in the next decade, more than any other group, country or issue.

A poll of 1,595 British adults by YouGov showed that out of the options of Russia, the US, Iran, China, Israel, al-Qaeda, Isis, North Korea, climate change and instability in Africa, Isis was agreed upon as the biggest threat overall.

A close second with 72 per cent was al-Qaeda, whereas 62 per cent see Russia as the most dangerous threat to national security.

Respondents were least worried about the US, with only 13 per cent seeing the country as dangerous, whereas 55 per cent believed global climate change to be a threat in the next 10-20 years.

The Liberal Democrats are more concerned with global climate change and poverty and instability in Africa compared to other parties.

Compared to other party supporters they also care less about China, Iran, al-Qaeda, Isis, and North Korea.

Notably, Conservatives and Ukip supporters are the most concerned with Isis, Al Qaeda and Iran.

Labour supporters are comparatively most worried about Israel (28 per cent) and also more concerned than most about climate change (63 per cent).

Interestingly Liberal Democrats cared least about replacing Trident with an equally powerful nuclear missile system: only 22 per cent of supporters agreed, compared to 28 per cent of Labour, 47 per cent of Conservative and 51 per cent of Ukip.

Age also has a significant impact on what we're worried about.

The 60+ age bracket showed more concern for Russia, China, Iran, al-Qaeda, Isis, North Korea, and poverty and instability in Africa, than any other age group.

For all of these, the youngest age bracket, 18-24, showed the least concern, except climate change, where young people saw this as a bigger threat than anyone else by a margin of nearly 20 per cent.

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