With the US government still in a state of shutdown, the Trump/Russia investigation unveiling more secrets by the day and kids who support the president being horrible, it really does feel like Washington DC is hell on Earth.

In recent weeks, rats have been spotted on the front lawn of the White House and now a literal sinkhole has opened up in the US capital and is presumably dragging everyone into the underworld.

The Hill reports that the sinkhole appeared on Tuesday afternoon in a road just one block away from the White House, forcing police to close 17th Street NW in both directions.

The hole wasn't exactly the humungous crater that you would have expected but, judging by pictures, it was still big enough to take up an entire car lane.

This isn't the first time the Trump administration has dealt with a sinkhole (the president had one on his golf course too) and, just like the previous instances, there was a bottomless hole of jokes to be made.

Once everyone realised that the hole had missed the most prestigious house in America, jokes turned to disappointment and everyone started to ask the same question.

Who was behind the sinkhole? Was it God?

Maybe it was hell trying to get a certain someone to come back home.

Is it a coincidence that so many sinkholes have opened up near Trump in the past two years? We think not.

HT The Hill

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